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17 February 2012

A New Stockpot...

 ...can be a thing of delight.

My new stockpot is all that one would ever want from a saucepan. It does not leak, it is shiny and when placed upon a source of heat with various concoctions of edible substances in it, after about an hour or so something edible can be taken out of it.

The new stockpot however, is a delight for a few other reasons;

1. It was bought for me without asking by my youngest offspring, who cannot resist a bargain, or a shopping trip and is thus very popular as a shopping companion with girls and even more popular with their boyfriends.

2. My old stainless steel pan which is a bit too big for normal use was released for a much better purpose. It has a new life as a dye pot.

I took the first opportunity to go out in the local woodland and lanes to harvest some ivy berries to dye with. It was with some difficulty that I explained to my dear husband why I was wandering round the woods at dusk - well it gets dark early - in the rain -well it was only drizzle- having, in my haste, left my phone and anything that would identify who I was, at home. I don't think I got as far as the bag and secateurs and definitely not berries or what they were for, that would have just been too much to get to grips with. 

I figured that it would be sustainable if I left the berries that were knee height and thus may also have various unmentionable substances deposited by dogs and foxes, and those that were too high to comfortably reach and then just take a few of the berries within reach - which meant that I walked about 3 miles to get about 1lb including stalks.

I soaked the berries for a few days, squished them, boiled them, strained them and added mordanted fleece.  The result is the most beautiful pale green trust me. My camera does not particularly recognise the fact and thinks that the colour cream. It is not, so no pictures.

I have however, spun some naturally dyed fleece which was given to me by a lovely lady at the guild.  I have no idea what she used to get the fabulous colours.

It is late - why the world seems all on one side I have no idea, but the picture was from an old National Geographic which I used as a source for the choice of colours.

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  1. .. found the solution to the sideways world issue - Google being a wonderful thing - it was the automatic rotate on my camera - I did not even know it had one - why would you do that?- but I have left the pictures sideways to remind me not to do that again!
    Note to Canon Powershot A1100IS - I do still love you.