I love making things. Fabric, yarn, fibre, paper, paint and print are my tools of choice. The necessities of life generally manage to get in the way of my need to create , so it all tends to get a bit erratic. Exactly as the blog title suggests.

Here is my attempt to organise things and keep a record of my efforts.

My little Folksy shop is taking a holiday for a while but I hope to re-open soon and sell things that I have made for the sheer pleasure, but are surplus to my needs.

19 May 2013

A happy co-incidence...

... I have just finished my first weaving project.

Two table mats - not because I had an urgent need for table mats, but more because  I did not need a scarf or want to make another bag,

The colours were just what was available. No hours of pouring over colour charts. No real planning.

I took the mats into the back garden for a photo shoot.

Put the camera away.

Stepped out of my front door to go shopping.

To find....

I knew I should have added a touch of green!

18 January 2013

Snow Day

It would be no use having a day off because of snow,
even if one or two brave souls ventured along the lane,

without going out enjoy the sights.

And catch up with some dyeing and tidying and sorting out and dreaming of things to make.

It is nice... but back to normal on Monday please.

28 December 2012

It's not that I have been slothful...

.. but I have just forgotten to take pictures.

I did remember to take a picture of this. It would have been a scarf except that like Topsy - it just grew - or at least got heavier and it would have been like carrying a bedcover round. so I stopped at 30 inches and cast off including some i-cord loops, then made some "buttons" and it makes a warm cowl.

If I had been sensible, I would have kept a note of what fleece it was, the spinning method and what dyes I used. As it is, I think it is some Romney fleece, could be some Texel, and some random un-nanmed fleece with a tiny bit of Merino. the pale green is ivy berry, which I am sure has got stronger ( I know it defies logic, but my camera thought it was grey when I first took photos of it and as I leave the settings on auto there must be something in that theory). The yellow colour is Golden Rod and the darker green is I think Ivy Berry, over-dyed with Golden Rod with iron as a mordant.

It is not perfect - there is lots of over spun yarn and it is rather irregular and I have not blocked it yet- but hey! I made it from a smelly pile of fleece and an even more smelly pile of ivy berries. 

Note to self - KEEP NOTES!!!!

Happy New Year to all!