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12 April 2011

There are many ways of leaving...

...the UK but, if you want to look back at an iconic view as you leave, then taking the ferry from Dover is on a lovely spring day, about the best option.

I was amongst a small group of passengers who congregated at the stern of the boat clutching a camera to get a picture of the cliffs. 

I think that I was however, the only one to take a picture of the deck.  What fun the engineers had in designing the metal flooring.  I wonder if there is a practical reason for this much attention to detail?

The sights and sounds of unfamiliar places are always a pleasure.  This is the Grand Place in Brussels a magical set of buildings, the grandeur is a bit overwhelming, but I find a fascination with the detail.

The building is full of little carvings which must have occupied hundreds of stonemasons.

Everywhere you look there are little details in buildings which may be quite ordinary to folks who live there, but hold a fascination for new eyes.

These buildings were all fairly close together, but each one had its own character.

I wonder if the architect planned for this building to look so magnificent, not because it is anything special it itself, but because it reflects the built environment which surrounds it.

The vista on leaving mainland Europe from Dunkerque is not quite so picturesque, but these cranes stood to attention for us.

I made a couple of test squares with the carpet wool. The fabric is not firm enough for a rug when knitted, but I will make up into bags, or mats.  I have crocheted a little test piece which is much firmer and may make up into little storage bowls.

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  1. I love these discerning photos! Thanks for sharing!