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18 March 2010

Life is too short for stuffing carrots - the rolled hem debate.

On stuffing carrots. Yes I have done it. It is a fabulous dish - one my Mother-in-Law taught me. I try and avoid doing it as it is the sort of thing that requires a collaboration of a small army of women in the kitchen all evening to do for the following day.

Rolled hems - now that opens up a big debate.
When my Dad retired 30 years ago he said he would paint silk scarves. Mum in an uncharacteristic show of independence showed him how to use the sewing machine declaring that people might say " What a lovely scarf", but not "What a lovely rolled hem".

He was not feeling well at the weekend so I went to cheer them up a bit.
For some reason I found some unhemmed scarves and offered to do one.

Mum said she had once been told that it takes three months to learn how to hand roll a hem on a scarf.

I can testify to that! Anyway, I have gained a pretty scarf- if badly hemmed.

Mum showed me some Liberty scarves which she had bought for £2! Now, therein lies the debate, they had exquisitly worked hems - exactly how much did the person get paid for their skill?

As things happen, there is a debate going on on A Stitch in Dye re the cost of finished goods re fabric - it is worth a peek.

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  1. I am very inspired by the tactile colours and quanlities of silk at the moment... your blog post has really inspired me, to just get on with it...