I love making things. Fabric, yarn, fibre, paper, paint and print are my tools of choice. The necessities of life generally manage to get in the way of my need to create , so it all tends to get a bit erratic. Exactly as the blog title suggests.

Here is my attempt to organise things and keep a record of my efforts.

My little Folksy shop is taking a holiday for a while but I hope to re-open soon and sell things that I have made for the sheer pleasure, but are surplus to my needs.

30 March 2011

I am fortunate enough to....

...live within walking distance of my local supermarket, not only that, but if I chose, I can walk through fields to get there.

This path could be in the depths of the countryside, but it is a stone's throw from my house (and lots of others too).

I am not sure why, but I know this as "May Blossom". The month being March, it makes no sense, especially as by May they just look like untidy prickly bushes and seem to bear fruit of complete insignificance.

However, anything of such abundance and beauty at this time of year can be forgiven for any shortcomings over the rest of the year.

I have big projects in my head.... and that is where they will have to stay for the moment, but I have been experimenting on a theme of log cabins.

It is a great way to use up small amounts of yarn...

... and sample fabrics.  This is furnishing fabric, it is not suitable for a large project but just great for coasters.

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  1. Oh my, how lovely flowers and lots of them! I'm here in the middle of snow.