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23 August 2010

There is something about sheep...

... which if you think long enough, is blindingly obvious.

They poo.  Copiously.  They have neither the time, inclination, or, ability to be bothered about poo on their fleece.  And they sweat.

All this is fine. I can handle the thought, I don't even mind the smell. But the actuality had not occurred to me until I was given some fleece.

I researched on the web and I asked friends. I came to the conclusion that for every ten spinners that you ask what to do with a raw fleece you get eleven answers.  So, nothing for it but to dive in and give it a go!

This is what it looked like when I opened the black bag.

What actually fitted into the bag suddenly expanded to fill my patio!  I thought Jacob's sheep were small. This one must have been the exception.

I think I need a bigger bucket!

This was method number one - soak the fleece for a week in rain water if possible.

However,  in my enthusiasm  to get started, I  soaked  an armful of the fleece in hot water with a bit of washing up liquid for 20 minutes ( method number nine I think ).  Oh great! Loads of  dirty greasy water coming out of this! I think I am on the right lines.  OK. Gently poke the mix. Fine. Hot rinse. Fine. Cooler rinse OK. Then pick it up to hang it to dry. Oh my! Please, hands up the person who thought to tell me to take the poo out BEFORE you start! Is it a taboo subject?

It does look cleaner now though and there is loads left for other methods.

I am now waiting excitedly for the postman to deliver a set of hand carders which I have ordered from UKHandspinner.  They are in the post! 

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