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20 July 2010

There are some things in life....

...which are best left to the under 18's. 

Piano exams being one of them.

It was a millennium thing. "I know what I'll do to mark the turn of the century. I'll learn to play the piano! I mean - it must be in the genes, Grandma did it, Aunty Marge did it, Big Sis does it Nieces, Nephews, Sons and Daughter all played some kind of musical instrument with ease. How hard can it be!" It is like all things that look easy - they never are. Never mind, ten years on and I cannot give up now. I have to keep the brain cells working. Apparently playing music helps.

Music exams, on the other hand seriously damage your wealth, could damage your health and don't do much for the relationships with neighbours and family. The money is now spent, the wrists are recovering, the family are fairly content in the knowledge that meals may get onto the table before the house is burnt down and the neighbours can sigh with relief at not hearing the same three tunes over and over.

C sharp minor in contrary motion will however continue to give me nightmares.

That was Friday. All done now. I did make an effort to make a grand entrance. I put on a posh frock at least, but the effect was rather quashed by the fact that I had had a twenty minute walk in a summer rainstorm to get there.  The examiner was very nice though, so you never know it may all have been worth it. 

On Saturday, I had some help from a crochet buddy at Get Knitted and have started Juliana Wrap. Watch this space.

A quick trip up the motorway system to visit M&D and to view the lovely vista of their garden.

The plants loved a shower of rain.

The daisies were just glorious.

And the fairies were hiding in their castle at the bottom of the garden.


  1. When will you know the exam results?
    Lovely photo's (again!)
    You have got a good eye for what makes an interesting photo.

  2. Thank you! Dad's garden is a patient model! Two weeks I hope, my teacher is in Africa at the moment but she hopes to be able to acess the result on-line. J;o)

  3. Well done you !!! and "b..." the neighbours, the family could always cook for themselves and the fire brigade will fit alarms free of charge which should leave you free to concentrate on the important things in life...
    huggles and look forward to the results..

  4. Thanks Shani! I will remember that strategy for next time! J ;o)