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18 August 2010

Any excuse is a good excuse...

...to visit Bradford on Avon.

It is a lovely town with a proud history of links with the woollen industry.

Look carefully and you can see that this lady has a spindle tucked in her waistband

There are lots of little nooks and crannies to explore.  

Some beautiful cottages and some grand old buildings which have new lives as "executive" homes. I am not exactly sure how many executives you can fit into one small town, but Bradford on Avon will have it's fair share as another building development of executive homes is going on in an old mill in the centre at the moment.

There are footpaths along the river and links to the Kennet and Avon Canal and National Cycle Network.



On Sunday however, I had the perfect reason for a little trip out. Knitcave had mentioned on her blog that The Wiltshire Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild had an exhibition and sale in the West Barn at Bradford on Avon which is a small but perfectly formed venue for textile exhibitions. 

I did not need telling twice.

There was a slight logistical problem.  Son number 2 wanted the use of the car. Well not a real problem as to be honest, I do not like the drive as I am not sure of the route and I thought a nice afternoon out by train would be rather pleasant.

I packed all that I deemed to be necessary for the day in my V&A William Morris print tote bag. I think it is a "must have" for any self respecting fibre person.   First things first, 2 crochet hooks, spare ball of wool and instructions for Juliana's Wrap tucked into one of my fabric boxes, beloved camera, money, collection from work for a colleague's birthday (all of £8), an apple, an over-ripening pear and, as instructed by son number 2, the fully charged mobile phone.

I was looking forward to a nice quiet jaunt on the train, spending a happy half hour crocheting and watching the lovely scenery go by.

It was not to be.

The little train must have started off in Cardiff - I know that because there were two of those cycle scheme bikes from Cardiff on the train. They were locked up, but I don't think they were meant to be taken out of Cardiff on holiday! The final stop would be Brighton and the train stops at every conceivable station on the way.

Hundreds of people had had the same idea as me - well perhaps not the fibre plan - they had taken luggage, pushchairs, bikes, and picnics with them. I clambered in and stood most of the way.

 Not to worry, it is nice to see the railways in use.

The West Barn is only a short walk from the train station. The exhibition was really good. The welcome was warm.  The projects displayed were expertly created and beautifully presented and for sale at very reasonable prices.  I managed to come in at 50 pence over budget and bought a felted rose brooch and a key ring fob for my work colleague. Bargain!  I did not take photos as ALL the work was of a really high standard and it would have been unfair to single items out.  So anyone looking for a special gift to buy would be well advised to watch out for next years exhibition and sale.

My adventure went a little off kilter on the way home.  All my own fault.  I just had the whimsical idea to walk to Avonclifff and catch the train back from that stop. Not just because it was a beautiful afternoon, but  you have to wave your hand to actually stop the train at the platform and I have never done that before.

All was fine, but as son number 2 rightly pointed out later, I was much too interested in taking photos to read signposts.  I missed the turn off for Avoncliff and walked onto Limpley Stoke instead.  I ended up walking at least an extra 5 miles. 

Good job I had heeded the advice about the mobile phone!  

He was benevolent enough to pick me up and with a roll of the eyes enquire if I had at least got  lots of photos!

Indeed, I had taken a few!

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