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17 May 2010

Little things sometimes......

.....can be made to be surprisingly difficult.
Take this innocent looking cardigan.

It has the rather unappealing name of "Design B" in the Sirdar pattern book Toddler Aran Knits

A lovely item to knit. The patterns are well written - if a little crowded on the page. I had 100 grams of some Phildar wool that I rescued from Jo's Mum's stash, it was a lovely fibre to work with.

The problem was that I started the project, then got sidetracked and by the time I got back to it forgot that I had slightly lengthened the main body of the jumper and may have made the armholes just one or two row longer so that it finished with a full motif at the shoulders.

Note to self.

Do not do that!

Make a note of which size you are doing. Write down any adjustments, mark the left front and the right front with a coloured thread (anything!) and then it will not take six attempts to get the front band more or less right and the sleeves will fit in easily. When you buy buttons, don't refuse a little bag and hope that you will still find them in the bottom of your purse when you get home.

Never mind, life would be boring if we knew it all and did not make mistakes.

In what seems to be an unwritten rule for knitting blogs, I took photos of the cardigan languishing amongst flowers in the garden.

The forget-me-nots will help me to remember my lessons learnt the hard way!

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