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2 October 2011

On Reflection...

Life must be good. 
Blue skies and temperatures of 29.9 degrees in October.
Not complaining.

Especially when this majestic creature is a regular companion on a walk home.

  ...and you expend a huge amount of energy and risk injury digging huge stones out of the allotment just in case you find an ammonite as good as this one.

... and you have rediscovered the art of bartering.
 I am not sure what I swapped for some balls of Phildar yarn - leeks? potatoes? swiss chard? - whatever it was, it was fun.  The credit crunch is now getting a little boring (please note the understatement) but, the ancient art of skills/ time/ homemade or grown items swapping is alive and kicking and  well worth trying.

I do not think that this yarn is produced anymore. It knits up best in a knit 2, purl 2 rib and if  you start the yarn off at just the right point, magically develops a regular design, the pattern breaks down a bit, but still results in a nice fabric.

 I think it is turning into a man scarf.

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