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7 September 2011

A Grand Day was had by all...

... I am not exactly sure at what point in life that a "Day Out" just has to include a visit to a National Trust property, but I seem to have slipped into this habit.  If you can call it a habit, as a day doing something out of routine has been a rare treat for some time.
We found ourselves in Maidenhead for a family wedding and stayed over for a day out in a new to us area on Sunday.  I got the road atlas out and saw that the nearest National Trust property was Cliveden House so could not resist the chance of a look around.
Secure in the knowledge that we would not be far from a decent cup of tea and a clean washroom (you just have to get the important things in life sorted out), we ventured forth. We were not disappointed as the lunch was good and the tea and cake was just right, so everything else was a plus!

There were plenty of images to delight the eyes.

This is a mulberry tree(?bush?) which had rather juicy looking mulberries on it which were just out of reach

A rather exciting tale being told here

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