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5 June 2011

I have a new best friend...

...she will be a never ending source of amusement, comfort and maybe income - in some distant time. She will sit quietly, until summoned, she will not argue or make undue demands and if cared for she will last for ever.

As yet, she has no name and she does not mind. 

Perhaps I could call her poppy,

or rose,

or foxglove,

Let me introduce you to her.

Isn't she just beautiful? And so forgiving, my first two bobbins of hand spun are a bit over spun - I am not admitting to the really over spun yarn!

 Here is to a long and happy friendship.

I have finally got the hang of following charts. It is like riding a bike, when you get the hang of it you wonder what the problem was. There are a few mistakes in  this nearly finished shawlette. I am using some commercially spun lace weight yarn which I dyed with logwood to give a beautiful purple. I am looking forward to blocking it, but hope that more mistakes do not come to light when I do.

Thank you again to Lankakomero for the 22 Leaves Shawlette Pattern which has beautifully clear instructions.

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  1. I love poppies! And the colour of your 22 leaves shawl is so beautiful!