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Here is my attempt to organise things and keep a record of my efforts.

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13 June 2011

There are some moments that a tradition has to be upheld...

.. and this is one of them.

I completed the 22 leaves  Shawlette. 

Please ignore the mistakes. 

I will do better next time.

However, in the time honoured tradition I took the piece of knitting outside and flung it over a bush - actually I am exaggerating, I gently placed it amongst the Nasturtiums, Dahlias and French Marigolds which I have grown from seed for the express purpose of using them to dye fleece with. The light is better outside and the pictures are much clearer than inside shots.

So here it is.

I have been given some Texel Fleeces. The sheep are from a small flock and they are grown for meat, so the fleeces from them are not normally used.

Some of it is lambswool, now I do eat meat, but I hope the lamb that this wool came from is a girl and that she is as we speak jumping about in a field somewhere in Wales.

It has washed beautifully and is like angel hair.

I have, as the nursery rhyme would suggest "three bags full" and it will keep me entertained for quite a while - just washing it! I cannot wait to see how it spins.

Thank You Lydia for sorting the worst of the poo out and Thank You Jo for suffering with the sheepy bags in you car over the bridge!

It is vaguely amusing that no-one in my house has asked why there are no French Marigold flowers on the plants, but the lambswool has washed to such a beautiful white that it would be a shame to dye it.

I will save these flowers which are drying nicely for dyeing later on it the year.


  1. I just can't stop adoring the colour of your shawlette's yarn!

  2. wow.... I am incredibly impressed....

    Best wishes