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23 January 2011

A surfeit of neglect

I distinctly remember the phrase " a surfeit of neglect" being used on Gardener's Question Time on Radio 4. I am not sure which of the presenters gave this advice but, I think a member of the audience had brought a photo of a plant which they had been over watering.  I do enjoy listening to the programme, not that I have any idea of what they are talking about as a rule, but it is testament to the fact that there are folks out there who like a little gentle humour, are polite and want  honest answers to simple questions. If the rest of life was like that we could all be content.

It is not that I actively experiment with the concept of neglecting plants -  it just works out that way.  To be truthful most plants in my care would do a little better with a little more knowledgeable attention than they currently get, so perhaps listening to the programme a little more attentively would be recommended.

However, there is a little group of plants on my north facing kitchen windowsill that positively thrive on a little water once in a while. Nothing else. Every year they repay my horticultural expertise with a fantastic display.

The daughter of a friend of mine has outgrown her bedroom decor.  I suppose there is a limit to how long you want quirky drawings of farmyard animals on your duvet cover when you are near adolescence.  I am the grateful recipient of the said duvet cover and as a confirmed yarnaholic could not resist using up the fabric straight away.

This cheerful chappy and his friends have so far been made up into two tote bags and there is plenty more to keep me happy for many hours to come.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic photographs, and I love the bags.
    Also the quotation was a reminder of things I am neglecting.
    Thanks for cheering me up tonight..
    huggles Shani