I love making things. Fabric, yarn, fibre, paper, paint and print are my tools of choice. The necessities of life generally manage to get in the way of my need to create , so it all tends to get a bit erratic. Exactly as the blog title suggests.

Here is my attempt to organise things and keep a record of my efforts.

My little Folksy shop is taking a holiday for a while but I hope to re-open soon and sell things that I have made for the sheer pleasure, but are surplus to my needs.

10 January 2011

A different view on things.

I had been nurturing a hippeastrum bulb all year.  In fact,  it is four years old now and has graced us with a gorgeous flower every year.  This year I re potted it and gave it some TLC and it responded by sending up a promising flowering stalk.  Unfortunately. it had a little accident and snapped off before it flowered.  However, I though I would give it a chance and stuck the stalk in a vase.  I was rewarded with a beautiful flower. It is a little paler than I would have hoped for and is not lasting very long but still a wonderful thing to behold.

I have been very neglectful of my intention to keep up a sketching journal, as well as  an exercise routine and managed on the spur of the moment to combine the two!!!

I did some quick sketches of the hippeastrum flower whilst waiting for my daughter to get ready to go out for a walk! Bonus!

I would love to do delicate botanically correct watercolours, but these were fun.

Can I recommend looking at life from " a different perspective" for anyone needing inspiration?  Not that it is advisable to go round on your hands and knees for very long!

.. and to be really truthful inspiration comes in bucket fulls in Bath!

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