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29 September 2010

Art Trails are FUN!

I always enjoy going on Art Trails. It is always a pleasure to support local artists and crafts people and to see what is going on in the local area.

The St Werburgh's Art Trail was no exception, the link has all the artists listed and there are many worthy of more investigation.

To be really truthful, the prospect a a stroll round this area of Bristol does not have quite the same anticpated pleasures of say - window shopping in Clifton or Bath, but this in fact, added to the delight. St Werburghs is a tiny little area in Bristol hemmed in by a motorway, a railway and a main road.  It is a heady mix of warehouses, old Victorian terraces, some small more modern houses and a small area of quirky self built homes. There is a city farm, a huge well tended allotment site, several little parks and everyone cares for their gardens and has flowers and vegetables in pots by their front doors. There are plenty of little independent shops and cafes. But, it is usually easy to find an excuse to bypass this little part of town.

All this was to add to the surprise and pleasure of a well spent afternoon browsing at the work of local artists.

We were welcomed into all the houses cheerfully and some had made cakes to offer their guests.  So, citizens of St Werburgh's, your secret is out! It is a great place to live.

We popped into an old church which is now a climbing centre, for a cup of tea and look what there was to see there! 

Inspiring on several levels!

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  1. I would have loved to be there with you!!!!!
    See you very soon!
    Lots of love!