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17 October 2010

The weather forecast looks GREAT!

There are sunshine motifs for the next five days all over the BBC weather forecast  for my little part of the South West and though we are not expecting a frost yet, it is really quite cold first thing in the mornings.


I hope that this rather beautiful specimen of Cobea will be able to stand the cold starts and be able to bloom for a little longer. This flower is not quite mature as it will change colour to a vibrant violet. I grew it from seed and forgot what it was and I was getting a little irritated with the plant that spent all summer growing longer and longer and entwining itself amongst other things and along the fence without producing any flowers. So when it did flower, I was delighted. Apparently it is considered to be a weed in New Zealand! I wonder if they gaze in wonder at Dandelions or would value some Couch Grass?

There are familiar faces which are bravely continuing to flower at this late stage in the season, so we will treasure these before the frost finally comes as it is sure to.

I braved the drive into deepest Wiltshire again yesterday, actually it is not that far, but it is unfamiliar territory and painfully picturesque, which making driving and reading signs and listening to Radio 4 and trying to take in the vista all at the same, time quite exhausting (and probably quite frustrating for people behind me!). It was worth the effort as I had a lovely day with he Wiltshire Spinners Weavers and Dyers. Chris had done a 200 mile round trip to do a workshop on Freeform Knitting in the style of Prudence Mapstone whose work I really like and taught me to do double sided knitting.  Thank you!

Oh my! Now that is at least another four projects queued up in the "to do" list.

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  1. gorgeous flowers! thanks for commenting on my blog!