I love making things. Fabric, yarn, fibre, paper, paint and print are my tools of choice. The necessities of life generally manage to get in the way of my need to create , so it all tends to get a bit erratic. Exactly as the blog title suggests.

Here is my attempt to organise things and keep a record of my efforts.

My little Folksy shop is taking a holiday for a while but I hope to re-open soon and sell things that I have made for the sheer pleasure, but are surplus to my needs.

23 June 2010

I could have rushed home to watch the football.....

.. well it was an option, as my employer had generously allowed us to go home early, but the weather was far too nice to be hurrying about and I don't know what the off side rule is, so there would not have been much point.
Anyway, it is "jam-busting June" here in Bristol, so I am breaking up my commute with a five mile cycle over to my car-share buddy before we embark on the next 12 miles in her car. The weather has been perfect and I just wonder why it has taken me so long this year to dust of my bike.

In the morning, I take the short route which is nice, but I did not like to stop for the photo opportunities in case we were both late for work. However, here are some of the delights which I experienced on the return journey on the cycle route on the Bath to Bristol Railway Path.

I am sure that the folks playing with the steam train at Bitton railway made more of a carbon footprint than I saved, but they were having fun and it was nice to see an old steam train working.

Peace again!

Looking towards Kelston Top which is at the end of the long distance walk "The Cotswold Way".

The River Avon with the old Fry's factory in the distance.

Swineford church.

.... and guess what - I am so slow blogging that the match has finished and they won!!!


  1. Lovely pictures, what camera do you have?
    You seem to have a good eye for a lovely picture.

  2. Thank you Nina!
    My photographic skills are limited to the tried and tested method of point and click! The camera did the rest it is a Canon Powershot A1100IS which was recommended to me by a friend at work who did all the research for me. I have read the manual,but it did not mean much to me so, I just keep it on AUTO and it does the rest.