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27 February 2010

All the best plans of....

a novice dyer, went a bit awry.

Something happened between the idea

and the execution, of a grand plan to create a woolly homage the The Great Ocean Walk.

Never mind. It was only a second attempt. There must be a simple explanation.

I am reminded of my own personal mantra. I never tire of telling it others.
"If it is easy, it is not worth doing."

After all, my Dad who worked with textiles for his entire life, spent the first three months of his career washing dye pots out. It was many months later that he was allowed into the laboratory to work out recipes for colours, so I am not likely to achieve great things in one day.

It would have been nice to create something other than murky grey though!

1 comment:

  1. Now, I don't actually see murky grey there, I see some rather interesting scottish walking days.. across the heather etc.etc.

    hugs and tomorrow will be another dye...