I love making things. Fabric, yarn, fibre, paper, paint and print are my tools of choice. The necessities of life generally manage to get in the way of my need to create , so it all tends to get a bit erratic. Exactly as the blog title suggests.

Here is my attempt to organise things and keep a record of my efforts.

My little Folksy shop is taking a holiday for a while but I hope to re-open soon and sell things that I have made for the sheer pleasure, but are surplus to my needs.

1 April 2010

All things are connected.

On Saturday I went to a day course on Printmaking by Hand at Bath Artists Studio.

It is a gem of a building tucked behind Comfortable Place. The building is indeed a lovely ( if a bit cold )space for artist and over 60 people rent space there.

As ever, all things are connected - Comfortable place is next to Omega Terrace ( think Bloomsbury group!)

The day was fab and here is the result of my new found skills.

Our tutor for the day was Felicity Bowers and she made the learning experience really enjoyable. She showed us really simple techniques to produce and print using cheap and accessible materials.

The plate for the daffodil print is mounting card cut way in layers and the coated with button polish (Shellac) beofre printing on tissue paper.

If you are in Bath anytime between April 7th and 20th then check out the exhibition of some artists that work in Bath Artists Studio in Milsom Place - opposite Jamie's Restaurant.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone on the course for the good company and for prompting me FINALLY - yes at least 33 years after I should have done - to start putting together a journal.

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